CLI Fellows Pieter Tuytens and Peter Marks

  • Amalgamating a large group of diverse students through the synergy of a flipped classroom design and differentiated instruction

    How do you activate a large group of students with different backgrounds and interests? Declining staff-to-student ratio’s will only intensify this widespread challenge. This project aims to tackle these challenges through course design strategies that exploit the synergy between a flipped classroom approach and differentiated instruction. To address differences in pre-existing knowledge, students are guided by orienting quizzes through a network of resources; ranging from remedying tools to more challenging content. Valuable contact time is used for clarification, but above all to organise a ‘scaffolding’ of group assignments that encourage students to apply this knowledge to a real-world problem. By offering a range of problems, we capitalise on their diverse interests to promote deep learning. In sum, when resources are limited, innovative course design can facilitate differentiation and deep learning.

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