Confidential Counsellors

Erasmus University Rotterdam places great importance on the students’ and staff’s ability to work in a pleasant and productive atmosphere. Sometimes this is interrupted by unwanted conduct, which can put individuals under strain. The Diversity & Inclusion Office finds it of immense importance that every individual has the freedom to speak up about these events, but acknowledges that this is no easy task.

EUR has a network of confidential counsellors for students and staff. They serve as contact persons for anyone who encounters or has encountered behaviour in their work situation that they consider undesirable, such as sexual harassment, bullying, aggression or discrimination. You can speak freely with the confidential counsellor. They maintain confidentiality with respect to everything that is brought to their attention and offer support and assistance in looking for solutions. If this informal route does not produce the desired results, you can, with the assistance of the confidential counsellor, lodge a formal complaint with the Executive Board.