Confidentiality committee

Confidentiality Committee

The confidentiality committee is an ad hoc committee that only meets when there is a specific reason for this. The committee consists of two staff members, two student members, the chairman of the university council and the clerk.

The confidentiality committee has the task to advise the University Council on:

  • The appointment of the Chairman of the Board.

  • The appointment of a member of the Board if the University Council is heard.

  • Other matters concerning the appointment of persons.

  • Other matters of a personal nature.

The meetings of the confidentiality committee are not public. Unless this is deemed necessary, no minutes are made of the meeting of the confidentiality committee.
The council members in the confidentiality committee are:

Staff members

Student members

dr. J.M. Engelbert (Jiska)
dr. E.K.E. von Bone (Emese)

Boris Pulskens
Naomi van Kalken