A number of ICT provisions of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) are made available to guests who signed a formal Hospitality Agreement. After signing this agreement a so-called ERNA userid (ERNA-id/password combination) is given so they can use these provisions. This ERNA access userid provides guests with access to the Erasmus University Rotterdam network (EURnet) and the Internet via:

  • Fixed desktops, plugin points and the wireless network in building G.
  • Fixed desktops at faculties (PC rooms) and the University library.
  • The plug-in points and the wireless network of the EUR (EUR-HotspOts).
  • Wireless networks of institutions that participate in eduroam worldwide.

Furthermore, the guest has available a personal email box (ERNA-mailbox) on the bases of the ERNA userid mentioned above. This facility enables guests to communicate via electronic mail (email). After receiving a conformation letter in two parts guests 

  • Email address:
    The address under which you can be reached by electronic mail.
  • ERNA user name:
    The name under which you will be known at the EURnet and the services and benefits available on it, including the wireless network, the Faculty and University library PC rooms, digital learning environment, UB databanks, etc.
    With this user name you can also log in to the email (ERNA Mail) and your personal email box.
  • ERNA password:
    The initial password that must be used in combination with the user names mentioned above. You are urgently requested to change this initial password when you first use it! (for this the facility click here)

The ERNA user name/password combination gives you access to a multitude of services and benefits. The information that you can consult and process (modify) via these services often has a privacy-sensitive nature, confidential and personal. We emphasise in this context that strict confidentiality of your ERNA password is necessary (see also the regulations for theUse policy for computer and network facilities). Therefore, do NOT ‘loan out’ your ERNA username / password.