Spanish B1.1 (intermediate 1)

Spaans - Language & Training Centre (2017)


This course is a continuation of the course Spanish A2.2.

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10 weeks
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A Spanish B1.1 course consists of ten weekly sessions of 3 hours each. The final exam takes place after the course on a predetermined date (see schedule below). One course level will have been covered by the end of this course.

What will you learn?

This course is a continuation of the course Spanish A2.2. During this course you will continue with the previously learned topics of the Spanish language, with emphasis on reading, speaking, listening and writing skills in an everyday context. Topics that are covered include:

  • describing people and their personalities;
  • expressing personal preferences;
  • invitations and advice;
  • health;
  • holding a longer conversation;
  • formal text writing;
  • grammar and vocabulary;
  • the Spanish culture.

In this course, your vocabulary will significantly increase to be able to communicate at a higher level. The final level of the course is B1.1 according to the Common European Framework of
Reference (CEFR).

Good to know

  • The Language & Training Centre offers Spanish courses, three times a year (october-december/january-march/april-june).
  • This course is available for participants with an academic background (hbo/university).
  • English is the language of support during classes. However, the language of instruction is Spanish and will be commonly used.
  • The course material costs approximately € 38, - and is not included in the course fee. You will receive a confirmation letter with further details when the course starts.
  • Course participants are expected to spend approximately three hours a week on course preparation and self-study.
  • Our groups are small: the minimum number of participants is 12, the maximum is 16. Please note that the LTC reserves the right to cancel this course if the required minimum
    number of participants is not reached. Whenever a course is canceled due to few registrations you will be informed and your fee will be refunded.
  • Attendance is not compulsory, but advisable. Please note that he last class consists of an oral test. To pass the course, you should be present on that
    particular day.
  • A final written exam is part of this course. Dyslectic students can get extra time to complete the written test. To arrange this, you need to contact the LTC via email. You will also have to send a copy of your official statement of special needs.
  • A certificate is awarded to participants who achieve a ‘pass’ for all five skills (listening, speaking, writing, grammar/vocabulary and reading).
  • Read our requirements and general terms and conditions carefully before registering.



Telefoon: 010 4081997
Website: Language & Training Centre

Facts & Figures


Rate 1: Students & employees: € 315,-
Rate 2: Others € 415,-

Which rate is applicable to you? Read on.

Not applicable
10 weeks
Offered by
Language & Training Centre
Language and Culture
Course type
Instruction language
Mode of instruction
Campus Woudestein



You need to apply and pay for the course Spanish B1.1 via our web shop.

Only if the course will be paid for by your employer and the payment needs be done via invoice, we ask you to contact us upfront via email to make the necessary arrangements. Explanation about the payment procedure for EUR staff can be found here. If it's not possible for you to join this period, please click on this link to get an email about dates for the next period.

To be admitted to this course, your current level of the language needs to be at A2.2. As proof of this entrance level we accept the following 3:

  • the B1.1 advice of an LTC intake or assessment (less than 12 months old);
  • the LTC certificate of the A2.2 course (less than 12 months old);
  • If you are currently participating in the Spanish A2.2 course of the LTC,
    you are allowed to register for a B1.1 course. Passing for your final exam
    and thus completing the course with a 5.5 or higher is necessary to actually
    start the following level.


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