The members of the Datateam are: Dyaran Bansraj (ESE), Ronald Brabers (UL), Tatjana Schneidmüller (RSM), Rob Grim(UL), Arjan de Wit (UL) and Paul Plaatsman (UL). You can make an appointment in the electronic agenda of the Datateam.

WhoAppointments atContact
Dyaran BansrajMonday 09.00-12.00Question form

Ronald Brabers


Thursday 13.00-15.00
Friday 10.00-12.00
Friday 13.00-15.00

Question form


Rob GrimMonday 14.00-16.00Question form
Tatjana Schneidmüller  
Paul PlaatsmanTuesday 10.00-13.00Question form
Arjan de WitWednesday 10.00-13.00Question form

The Datateam can also be contacted by phone (81232 or 81227).  

* During busy periods (November, April, May and June) 5 extra hours a week will be available.