Dr. B. F. (Bregje) van Eekelen (ESHCC)

Dr. Bregje van Eekelen is assistant professor of History (Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz). For her project on the 20th-century history of creative thought in military-industrial contexts, she has been awarded an EUR fellowship (2013-2015) and a National Science Foundation (NWO) Veni grant (2014-2018). In her research, she uses a combination of historical and anthropological approaches to the study of traveling concepts, most notably concepts that are situated on the boundary between culture and economy. They include concepts such as ‘marketplace of ideas,’ ‘knowledge economy,’ and ‘creativity.’ She studies the socio-historical conditions of the emergence of these concepts; the knowledge practices, bureaucratic categories, and narratives through which they are stabilized and kept in place; and how they structure common sense, both in the past and in the present. She is a research associate at the Center for Historical Culture.