Dr. E. (Ellen) van de Poel (ESHPM)

After obtaining her PhD in 2009 from the Erasmus School of Economics, Ellen has been affiliated with Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management of Erasmus University Rotterdam as an assistant professor. Her research focuses on applications of micro-econometrics to problems of health and health care in low and middle income countries. More specifically, she is currently involved in two EU-FP7 projects that are both aimed at evaluating the impact of health financing reforms on access to care and financial protection in countries in Asia, and is working on her Veni project “Health care inequities in low and middle income countries: Measurement and explanation’. Ellen is also coordinator of the Global Health Track in the Master Health Economics, Policy and Law and teaching the course Global Health Economics. Since 2014, Ellen van de Poel represents the Board of Young Erasmus along with Liesbeth van Rossum.