Examples of valorisation


Smartport is a cooperation between Deltalinqs, the Rotterdam Harbour Combany, the Rotterdam local government, and various faculties at the Erasmus and Delft Universities. Smartport increases knowledge development in harbours. Subjects of Smartport research are harbour logistics, big data in the harbour, and the harbour's role in a circular economy.

Developing the smartest harbour can only be successful if all parties cooperate to fin the answerst to future developments. Engaging with specific questions produces the biggest impact. Cooperation between companies, government and science assures the best results. Through this cooperation, the port of Rotterdam can assure its position as the 'Smartest Port'.

Samenwerken voor transitie naar de slimste haven

Diabetes care for patients

Estimates for the number of diabetes patients in the Netherlands are around 1.5 million in 2025. At this pace, qualitative diabetes care cannot be guaranteed to all new patients. The only option is to do more with less. At the Erasmus University Rotterdam, scientists have developed a self-service diabetes measurement station. Diabetes patients can perform important measurements on weight, blood pressure, and sugar levels by themselves. No assistence of a doctor or nurse is required. Subsequently, the medical professionals can fully focus on the treatment plan of the patient. Furthermore, the station assigns the patient a more active role, offering the patient more understanding of their condition. 

Developed by the Erasmus Medical Centre, the diabetes station offers support to patients in eight languages, among which Dutch, English, Spanish, Turkish and Moroccan. If crucial values of a patient are outside of the regular bounds, the patient receives medical advice and if necessary an appointment with a specialist.

Neighbourhood safety

According to research by sociologist dr. Vasco Lub, almost 700 civil prevention teams involve themselves in maintaining safety in residential areas around the Netherlands. Commissioned by the knowledge workplace Livable Neighborhoods, the research shows that the teams significantly contribute to residential safety.

The Knowledge workplace Livable Neighborhoods aims for a more effective approach to questions of liveability in Rotterdam residtential areas. In the workplace, The Rotterdam local government cooperates with the faculty of social sciences at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The workplace contributes to:

  • Applicable knowledge (through scientific and other magazines, books, dissertations, etc.)
  • Exchange of knowledge through meetings and discussion platforms
  • Coalitions between researchers, policy makers and professionals on questions of liveability
  • An effective and knowledge-based approach to liveability in Rotterdam residential neighbourhoods