In global health education and training, RGHI partners contribute to urgently needed innovations. Besides innovating existing MA and PhD programs, through various long-distance PhD schemes, the RGHI education team explores new models of education, e-learning and serious games, train-the-trainer concepts, and local capacity building forms. RGHI contributes to strengthening educational programs and institutions in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Suriname, Tanzania, Zambia.

  • The new global health BA programs will be uploaded shortly.

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  • The network is engaged in various experiments with innovative schemes for PhD programs with external affiliations, exchanges, and contracts – with commercial and/or academic partners, and with local co-promotors in various areas in Eastern Europe, Central and Southeast Asia and Africa.

  • RGHI is engaged in developing new forms of collaboration in education, and involved in a number of health E-learning initiatives (with ISS, RSM, OBR and with a select number of global health centers in LMICs). We aim to create academic experimental zones (‘laboratories’) for innovation in global health education, together with our RAS coalition for Serious Games in Global Health and Creative Learning.