Minor model

The major-minor model was implemented at the EUR in 2008. It gives students the opportunity to broaden their horizons by following a minor at another School or to specialize within their field of study. A minor is a stand alone education programme of 15 EC, always with a coherent structure and aim. All EUR faculties offer minors. 

Principles minor model EUR

At the implementation of the minor model, the following principles were agreed upon:

  • students need to register minor preferences and are placed in a minor through a lottery;
  • minors comprise 15 ECTS;
  • all minors have a logically coherent construction;
  • minors can consist of one or more modules;
  • minors are a compulsory part of BA3;
  • minors are not open to Master students; 
  • all minors are offered during the first 10 weeks of the academic year;
  • students are centrally enrolled in minor courses and exams, with the exception of resits;
  • the minor resit period is scheduled in July;
  • students have to complete the minor in one academic year, sub-results cannot be transferred to the next academic year.