About Challenge Accepted
Uniting the vast wealth of our knowledge, creativity and resources

About Challenge Accepted

On November 8th 2017, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Trustfonds have launched Challenge Accepted; a joint campaign that calls on all alumni to contribute to advancing three ambitions that help shape the future.


About us

We are grateful and proud to be able to announce that a group donors have already answered our call by donating a sum of over 26 million euro. The immaterial support of our students, alumni, academics and business leaders is of equal importance as these generous financial contributions. That’s why we invite all to connect with Erasmus alumni, students, academics and business leaders through our online community.

We believe we can shape the future by uniting the vast wealth of our knowledge, creativity and resources behind a common purpose.

For inquiries please contact us

Curious how you can contribute?

Join our online community on EUR Connect. Share your ideas and insights and interact with academics and business leaders, students and alumni. You can also contribute financially by making a donation.

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Challenge Accepted is a joint initiative by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Trustfonds.

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