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We believe we must try to understand the world, but we must actively work to change it as well. That's why we are mobilising our global network of students, alumni, researchers and staff behind that common goal. Together we can realise vital cities, create better healthcare and generate prosperity for future generations

We have a place where we can unite and (re)-connect. It’s also a place where you can expand and leverage the power of your network, by connecting to present and future leaders found among our alumni through EUR Connect.

As an ambassador of EUR Connect you are at the forefront of actively contributing to tackling these challenges. You like to use your knowledge, experience and network so that we can mobilise more people for our mission.

Ambassadeur EUR Connect
  • As an EUR Connect ambassador:

    • you are an active member of EUR Connect by regularly posting updates, photos, jobs and/or events and sharing our social mediaposts
    • you are willing to give back by becoming a mentor, giving advice or opening up your network to other members of EUR Connect
    • you tell people in your network (students, alumni, researchers, employees or others who love the EUR) about EUR Connect
    • you invite people in your network to join EUR Connect 
    • you are willing to help with organising events for the EUR Connect community
  • We greatly appreciate your commitment as an ambassador for EUR Connect. That is why we like to give you something back as a thank you for your efforts, including:

    • free access to large events like the RSM’s Leadership Summit, Tedx Erasmus University
    • free access to meetings with key persons from inside and outside the EUR
    • a prominent place on EUR Connect to share your stories
    • access to gated content (not available yet)
    • the ability to fulfill a role (depending on your personal career goals) in events for the EUR Connect community
    • the opportunity to start your own group on EUR Connect

    In addition, we organize the EUR Connect Ambassadors Event once a year, where you can exchange experiences with other ambassadors, share your ideas with us and more.

Does this appeal to you?

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Would you like to do something else?

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