Living together in vital cities

Studying urban life in the 21th century

Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to advance our understanding of how cultural, social and technological transformations are shaping urban life in the 21st century. We offer cutting edge research and insights on multiple levels of analysis. By tapping into the collective knowledge of a scientific community that is diverse and multi-disciplinary we help cities flourish as places of inclusion, tolerance and cohesion.

Living together in Vital Cities

“How can we ensure that cities offer a safe and comfortable home to increasingly diverse populations?“

In the 21st century two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. Asia and sub-Saharan Africa in particular, are experiencing a rapidly growing urban class.

Globalisation, new technologies, international mass migration and social inequality give rise to several questions. How should social organisations and institutions respond to the effects of migration and urbanisation? What conditions could prevent social exclusion and its corrosive effect on society? How can cultural diversity and creativity be leveraged?

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These business leaders, academics and alumni have accepted the challenge.

Peter Scholten - Challenge Accepted

Peter Knorringa - Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted - Kudrat Kaur & Paramjit Yeyla

Challenge Accepted - Tania Bhulai & Sofia Ali

Challenge Accepted - Teodor Cataniciu

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Challenge Accepted is a joint initiative by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Trustfonds.

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