Striving for better health and healthcare

Effective health policies, healthy lifestyles

Erasmus University Rotterdam aims both to inform more effective health policies as well as help people make better lifestyle decisions. Academics from a wide range of disciplines are joining forces to make healthcare fairer, smarter and keep it affordable.


"On average, life expectancy and health have increased, but there are still significant differences between and within different demographic groups."

Few things represent greater value to human happiness than being able to live a long and healthy life. Ageing populations and technological progress demand an ever-greater portion of our wealth to be allocated for our health. Additionally, there still are many less privileged that do not benefit in equal measure from the technological advances that have been made in the last few decades.

Our quest for better health and smarter healthcare gives rise to many questions. How can we help people make better lifestyle choices to prevent health problems in later life? What standards of patient well-being could be used to measure and evaluate healthcare? How can the cost effectiveness of existing healthcare be maximized?

Challenge Accepted - Striving for better health and healthcare

Get informed and get inspired

We believe that sharing knowledge benefits all and accelerates us on our path towards our goals. Feel free to study and share further reading about our current research programs as well as other initiatives.


Challenge Accepted - Esther de Bekker - Grob

Challenge Accepted - Hans van Kippersluis

Challenge Accepted - Hans van Leeuwen

Challenge Accepted - Wilma Oosthoek

Challenge Accepted - Teodor Cataniciu

Curious how you can contribute?

Join our online community on EUR Connect. Share your ideas and insights and interact with academics and business leaders, students and alumni. You can also contribute financially by making a donation.

Challenge Accepted is a joint initiative by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Trustfonds.

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