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We need your support. Only by uniting the wealth of our knowledge, creativity and resources behind our shared ambitions will we be able to realise them.

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"I hope as many students and alumni as possible will join the conversation."

- Sonja Nollen-Smith, initiatior EUR Connect

Expand and leverage the power of your network, by connecting to present and future leaders found among our alumni through EUR Connect. The Erasmus Alumni form a wide community of business and civic leaders of academics and thought leaders. They can be found across the entire globe, in virtually every type of company or institution.

EUR Connect is exclusively available for the EUR community.


Contribute by donating

'That is one of our ambitions: to conduct research at such a high level that it may well produce a Nobel Prize winner.'

- Frans van Houten en Michiel Muller

Erasmus University and Erasmus Trustfonds want to grow the total endowment to a hundred million euro by 2025, making it the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. We are aware this is ambitious, but so are the challenges this generation and future generations are facing. The university aims at a top position in tackling these challenges with ground breaking and multidisciplinary research and education.

This is why we call on our alumni. Your financial contribution matters to us. With our combined effort we can realise vital cities and the best healthcare for all as well as ways to generate sustainable prosperity for future generations.




These alumni already contributed by donating.

Challenge Accepted: Michiel Muller

Challenge Accepted: Onno Ruding

Challenge Accepted: Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd

Challenge Accepted: Raymond Cloosterman

Challenge Accepted: Frans van Houten

Challenge Accepted: Coen van Oostrom

Challenge Accepted is a joint initiative by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Trustfonds.

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