The Erasmus Community of Contributors


When others are still in doubt and claim something cannot be done, there are those who will rise to the occasion and say: “Challenge Accepted.”

Perhaps Erasmus University’s greatest asset is our community of academics, students and a network of alumni that reaches far and wide. We are happy to introduce to you some of the many who are the embodiment of the Erasmus-Rotterdam-spirit. These are the people who work not just to understand the world, but to actively change it.

We are extremely grateful for the labour of all active contributors and the generosity of our founding donors.

Challenge Accepted - Jos de Mul

Ibrahim Alaoi

Challenge Accepted - Liesbeth Enneking

Challenge Accepted - Mathijs van Dijk

Challenge Accepted - Romy Romeyn

Challenge Accepted - Wilma Oosthoek

Challenge Accepted - Hans van Kippersluis

Challenge Accepted - Esther de Bekker - Grob

Challenge Accepted - Hans van Leeuwen

Challenge Accepted - Teodor Cataniciu

Challenge Accepted - Tania Bhulai & Sofia Ali

Challenge Accepted - Kudrat Kaur & Paramjit Yeyla

Peter Scholten - Challenge Accepted

Peter Knorringa - Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted - Dewi Ramdaras

Challenge Accepted: Coen van Oostrom

Challenge Accepted: Onno Ruding

Kristel Baele

Challenge Accepted - Steef van de Velde

Challenge Accepted - Raymond Cloosterman

Challenge Accepted: Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd

Challenge Accepted - Huibert Pols

Challenge Accepted: Frans van Houten

Challenge Accepted: Michiel Muller

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      Challenge Accepted is a joint initiative by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Trustfonds.