Scientific education at a university is a phenomenon of all centuries

Scientific education at a university is a phenomenon of all centuries. However, the expansive range of study programmes and specialisations is something only of the past four decades. There is a plethora of choices. This makes for a difficult choice for talented students. Most would like to ‘cross the border’ to be introduced to other specialist fields.

As per 1 September 2011, the Act Increased Tuition Fees Study Delays became effective. The government attempt to influence the study duration via financial methods; students requiring more years for achieving the bachelor and/or master degree will have to pay a higher tuition fee.

However, this new legislation does not keep Erasmus University Rotterdam from continuing its Erasmus Honours Programme for the most talented bachelor students, which has been very successful for the past few years.

After a selection process, the very best bachelor students convene in a multidisciplinary study group. With top teachers in charge, current themes are studied from various scientific perspectives. The programme is demanding, entitling the students to 20 ECTS, and is to be attended in simultaneity to their regular study. The honours students who complete the programme successfully have a leading edge on their peers. Thanks to their talents and the determination they showed, they gain a Letter of Recommendation and a large extra volume of academic baggage, aiding their promising career.

I wish the new Erasmus honours students wisdom, fine discussions and new insights.

Professor Henk Schmidt
Rector magnificus Erasmus University Rotterdam

September 2011