International students at the Bachelor Open Day

Fabienne Yap


Fabienne Yap (15, Tilburg) “I see myself studying here!”

‘Utrecht, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Rotterdam. These are the cities I’m looking at. I’m having a hard time making the right study choice. Last year, it was clear to me that I was going to study Medicine, but now I’m in doubt. Psychology or Sociology seem very interesting as well. Rotterdam is appealing, with its beautiful and modern campus. I see myself studying here.'

Bram Brantjes


Bram Brantjes (15, Castricum) "At EUR, I fit right in"

'You can never start too early with searching for the right study programme. My interests lie in Economics, so it will probably be something with business. I think Erasmus University Rotterdam is a very nice University, I will fit right in. Therefore, I’ll take a good look around to see what this University has to offer.'

Caitlin Kong


Caitlin Kong (16, The Hague) "Today, I'm going to take a good look around"

'There is no need for me to make the choice today, because I’m not in my last year of high school yet. However, I think it is smart to be well on time. My brother is also studying in Rotterdam. I really like the city. It’s large, has nice shops and bars and it’s close to The Hague. I think it’ll be an International Programme, something with Economics. I’ll take a good look around todayC