Learning a new language will open new worlds

Do you need to learn English for your future career? Are you going to study in an English speaking
country or doing an internship? Or would you simply like to make yourself understood during
your next trip? The Language & Training Centre (LTC) will help you get there!

Please take a look at our full range of English for participants with an academic background (HBO/WO): 

Language test

  • Intake

    An English intake determines the language proficiency of students and consists of an oral, written and test. After taking the test, you receive a level statement that contains information about your current level, as well as course advice. You can use the test results to register for a language course at the LTC, to show your faculty that you meet the language requirements needed for an exchange programme or to apply to a Master's programme.
  • Assessment

    An English assessment determines your language proficiency in a much more comprehensive way than an intake. After taking the assessment, you will receive a level statement with a short report that contains information about your current level and possible improvements. A distinction between oral and written skills is made. The results of this assessment can be used to obtain the University Teaching Qualification (BKO), to prove your English proficiency for the dual language policy (EUR employees) or to show your employer that you meet the necessary language requirements. Assessments are normally conducted by appointment. In the case of EUR employees there are four possibilities per year.

    An ITP-TOEFL test is a variation of a TOEFL test. The results of this test are only valid within Erasmus University Rotterdam. This test result can be used to show that your language level is sufficient to be accepted into a degree programme that is taught in English, or to go on an exchange programme. Please note! This test can’t be used as an entry test for our language courses.

Language course

Per course period the LTC determines which courses are offered. 

  • Weekly course

    with final examination and certificate.
    For the English language the LTC offers the following levels:
  • Online course (one-year license for all levels)

    without final examination and without certificate.
  • Summer course (B2.1 , B2.2 and C1.1)

    with final examination and certificate

Academic Writing

Are you an ambitious bachelor, master or PhD student of Erasmus University Rotterdam and do you want to improve your academic writing skills? You might be interested in the following courses:

  • Academic Writing BaMa or PhD

    Do you want to practice writing a scientific/academic text in English? Use an academic writing course as a refresher course or in preparation for writing your thesis or essay. 
  • Writing coach

    Would you like to get feedback on your academic writing skills in English? If a writing course is not an option for you but you would like to hand in an excellent quality essay or thesis then use a writing coach! You will get half an hour of individual feedback from an experienced language professional on an academic paper you are currently writing (maximum 5 x A4). 


The Language & Training Centre also offers tailor-made courses on request for faculties, departments, students or businesses. Tailor-made can be divided into:

  • Individual

    It is possible to schedule individual classes under the guidance of an experienced teacher.
    During an intake we will discuss your aims and preferences and assess your current level.
  • Group

    On demand we can organise courses for small or large groups from 3 participants on.
    On the basis of your aims and preferences, and of its participants, a special course will be arranged.

For more information about tailor-made assessments and courses, please contact us via ltc@eur.nl.
In order to be able to give you more detailed information, we ask you to clearly mention your language of preference and your aims and preferences.