Online course Chinese

Work on your language skills in your own time!
In addition to the regular independent study programme, the Language & Training Centre (LTC) now also offers the online programme Rosetta Stone, via which you can independently learn a language. This programme enables you to work on your preferred language skills in your own time, without being dependent on course days and times or on the material and opening hours of the LTC. Online learning does require discipline and persistence. You are able to purchase a one-year licence.

Why choose for Rosetta Stone?

This online programme can be used for:

  • learning the Chinese language independently;
  • keeping your language skills up-to-date;
  • extra practice of certain language skills. 

Rosetta Stone offers exercises at all levels, for both beginners and advanced students. You may choose
to learn the languages in daily life context or in a professional context. The programme offers the option
to listen to audio fragments (words and sentences) which you can repeat and record. The programme
shows your score and offers the options to practise as often as you want to.

How to Register

  • Rosetta Stone is only available for students and employees of Erasmus University.
  • A one-year licence costs 95 euro. This licence enables you to learn two languages.
    You can also just choose one language. Besides the Chinese language, the following languages are available: English (British), French, German, Italian, Dutch as a second language and Spanish (Spain).
  • Instructions and explanation of the programme are available in several languages: Brazilian, Chinese (simple), Chinese (traditional), Dutch, German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Slovakian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.
  • You can register for Rosetta Stone and pay via our webshop. Please keep in mind the following:
    • Mention the language (s) you are interested in, the language of instruction (this can only be one language even if you choose to learn two different languages) you prefer and your ERNA code. 
    • Would you like to receive a headset in order to make full use of the programme?
      Send us an email via or mention it in the comment box of the webshop.
    • Three times a year we will order licences (15 January, 15 April and 15 October). Rosetta Stone will send you (by email) a username and password. Your personal account will be valid for one year.

I have purchased a license, what’s next?

Content: All Skills 

The first time you open Rosetta Stone’s application, a test will be started to assess your level. This is
an adaptive test: once you have given a correct answer, the programme will offer you a slightly more difficult question. If your answer was incorrect, the next question will be less difficult to answer.
A programme with exercises will then be compiled for you based on your test results. However, it is possible to skip the test. The placement test is offered only once per computer. 

The results of your level test merely serve as an indication, and you can change your level and
programme whenever you want. 
Once your level has been determined, you can indicate whether you want to focus on professional or everyday language situations. Various themes will then be covered within the chosen context. For example, if you choose a professional situation, you will learn to hold presentations, chair meetings and conduct telephone conversations. In the everyday situation various topics will be covered, such as introducing yourself, booking a holiday and ordering food. All of the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) are covered in the exercises. 

We do advise you to answer All Skills, when the programme asks you what skills you would like to work on. If you choose this option the complete course and all exercises will be offered to you in the best possible way.

Technical information & support 
Are you having trouble setting up your microphone and headset? We advise to use the browser Google Chrome. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Rosetta Stone's technical information and programme content can be found on the internet: Rosetta Stone support page.