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  • Introduction to Economic Theories

    Have you ever wondered why economists have not predicted financial crises or asked yourself if there are no sensible economic alternatives to free markets? 
  • MOOC Earth Economics

    This is a course for Earthlings that want to understand how economic policy making can move beyond narrow national interests and how global public goods can be…
  • MOOC Local Economic Development

    MOOC on how local governments, businesses and civil society groups get together to raise income sustainably and improve their lives. Find out more >>
  • Spanish A1 (beginners)

    During this course you will learn the basics of the Spanish language, with emphasis on reading, speaking, listening and writing skills in an everyday context.
  • Spanish A2.1 (pre-intermediate 1)

    This course is a continuation of the course Spanish A1.
  • Spanish A2.2 (pre-intermediate 2)

    This course is a continuation of the course Spanish A2.1.
  • Spanish B1.1 (intermediate 1)

    This course is a continuation of the course Spanish A2.2.
  • Spanish B1.2 (intermediate 2)

    This course is a continuation of the course Spanish B1.1. During this course you will continue with the previously learned topics of the Spanish language.
  • Summer course Spanish

    Would you like to learn Spanish, but don't you have time to do this during the academic year? Don’t hesitate and register for our online summer course Spanish!

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