Mission & vision


The Language & Training Centre (LTC) is the expertise centre and partner for language testing, language training and communication skills training courses within Erasmus University Rotterdam and externally. Our aim is to offer a wide range of competitively priced, high-quality courses for students, employees, alumni and all others with an academic background. Customer focus, excellent service and good quality are our characteristics.


To be able to perform well within an international working environment, it is necessary to have excellent communication skills in several languages and thus be multilingual. This applies to
both business and academics. We want to offer the highly-educated the opportunity to rapidly acquire a second or third foreign language. This should also be tailored to their own needs.
An excellent command of at least the English and Dutch language is important in order to optimally function as an academic community.

Pedagogical framework

In accordance with our vision, our language and communication skills courses are based on the following criteria:

  • Communication skills are key (grammar and vocabulary are never a goal in themselves);
  • The classes are taught in the target language whenever possible;
  • When learning a language, acquiring cultural knowledge is also part of the package;
  • The skills that are taught have practical applications in daily life (when studying, working or socialising);
  • The course participant’s effort and motivation are crucial for their learning process.