Quality assurance

Our quality assurance system consists of a systematic evaluation procedure, a constant focus on further improving our organisation and increasing the quality of our training programmes.

The aim of the Language & Training Centre (LTC) is that every student, employee or outsider be acquainted with the LTC because of its excellent reputation in providing good quality language and communication skills courses. We monitor our scores constantly and score at least 4 (on a scale of five) for its activities.  

Our evaluation procedure consists of:

 Satisfaction of our customers

  • Evaluating standard training courses
  • Evaluating tailor-made training courses (both individual and group courses)
  • Client satisfaction questionnaire

 Quality of our courses

  • Course evaluations completed by teachers

 Quality of our teachers and trainers

  • A list of competencies for trainers and teachers (recruitment)
  • Having annual meetings with each teacher individually
  • Dedicated language teams
  • Giving feedback to colleagues
  • Innovation and development (training programmes; teaching methods; ICT)