ITP-TOEFL stands for Institutional Testing Programme, a test of English as a foreign language. The results of this test are only valid within Erasmus University Rotterdam. You can use your test result to show that your language level is sufficient to be accepted into a degree programme that is taught in English, or to go on an exchange programme. Please enquire at your faculty which test is required! For some faculties and thus for universities (abroad) you are requested to take an official TOEFL-test.

The next ITP-TOEFL takes place on:

  • Wednesday 25 March | 10.00-12.30 hours

Please note that the ITP-TOEFL is a different test than the official TOEFL test (TOEFL iBT) and that it will not be accepted for all academic purposes.  The official TOEFL test (iBT) can only be reserved via the ETS Global website. A TOEFL test can’t be used as an entry test for our language courses.

  • The ITP-TOEFL is a multiple choice test consisting of the following parts:

    • Listening comprehension
    • Grammar and writing skills
    • Reading comprehension

    The test results will be available approximately three weeks after the test has been completed.
    You will be informed by email about where and when you can pick up your score report.

  • An ITP-TOEFL costs € 85,-. The score report you will receive from us after the test is valid for a
    period of two years.

  • This test is organised every month by the Language & Training Centre and more frequently if necessary. It could happen that the new test is not available yet. If you are interested, we kindly ask you to send us an email. A reminder will be sent to you as soon as registration opens.

    Test datesEnrolment deadline
    Wednesday 25 March 2020
    10.00-12.30 hours
    Wednesday 11 March 2020
  • Before the deadline, you have to book a place for the test in the schedule above and pay for the ITP-TOEFL via this link (Please note, if the schedule is not filled and the payment link is not available it is not possible to register for a test. It will be available again when the next session has been scheduled).

    After the registration deadline, we will send you a confirmation email stating the place, date and time of your ITP-TOEFL test. Read our requirements and general terms and conditions carefully before registering. Please note that some faculties at Erasmus University or universities abroad do not accept the ITP-TOEFL test, but only the result of an official TOEFL test. There are two types of official TOEFL test: Internet-based or Paper-based. The LTC does not offer these official TOEFL tests. For more information about the official TOEFL test and your closest test centre please visit

    Students with dyslexia can ask for more time to complete this test. If necessary, the font of the test paper can be enlarged as well. However, you will need to send an email to the LTC before the deadline to make your specific needs and requirements clear. Your will also have to send a copy of your official statement of special needs.