Tackling Inequalities

Erasmus Honours Programme

Tackling Inequalities is the first multidisciplinary, international and extra-merit Honours Programme for master students at EUR. It gives master students from all faculties and institutes unique access to the three renowned themes of academic expertise at Erasmus University: Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity, Smarter Choices for Better Health, and Vital Cities and Citizens

Inequality is not only a relevant academic entry point into these three themes; it is also a pressing societal, cultural and economic concern as, for example, evidenced in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, inequalities are also prevalent in Rotterdam, for example in terms of access to economic opportunities, to social mobility, to clean air, to health care, to education and to culture.

“Tackling Inequalities” offers master students an exclusive interdisciplinary opportunity to research diverse inequalities and to use academic knowledge to address and find solutions for the kind of global societal challenges that Rotterdam faces.