Minor at Leiden University or TU Delft

A minor offers an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizon. By taking your minor in Leiden or Delft, you get to experience another way of thinking, to work with other students and to know another city. It will enrich your academic experience and your resume. Check out the testimonials from students who took their minor in Leiden or Delft at the bottom of the page.

You can take one of the joint LDE-minors or you can join one of the regular minors offered by Leiden or Delft. Check the minor admissions matrix to check which minors  are open to your bachelor program.

Joint Leiden-Delft-Rotterdam minors

Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam offer joint minors. Lectures are organized by at least two of the three partners. Joint minors come in two varieties: 15 EC en 30 EC. EUR students can apply for an LDE-minor by registering the minor as one of their preferences in Osiris during the application period. Placement is arranged through the lottery at the end of June.

In 2019-2020, four joint minors are offered: 

Regular minor at Leiden University or TU Delft 

TU Delft and Leiden University have made 33% of the places in their minors available to EUR students. To get an idea of the minors offered, check the minor websites of Leiden University and TU Delft. Interested? Between 1 May up to 31 May you can register for a minor in Leiden or Delft in Osiris-Student at the EUR. Click here for more information about the application procedure.

PLEASE NOTE: application and placement for regular minors in Leiden and Delft is carried out according to the following principles:

  • You can only register for one minor
  • You do not need to request permission from your Exam Board for taking a minor in Leiden or Delft, with the exception of ESL-students.
  • You can only apply for minors open to your Bachelor program (check the admission matrix).
    Specifically for Leiden University:
  • A Study Progress Overview can be asked for
  • Selection minors work with a First Come First Serve principle, which means that the order of registration is important.
    Specifically for Technical University Delft
  • You need to complete your application via a second registrion in Studielink. Please see the download attached below for more information.

Differences minor education TU Delft and Leiden University

Minors at Leiden University are 30 EC. It is possible to complete most minors for 15 EC, as a so-called half minor. Most half minors consist of a set package of courses. Check out minor formats carefully for minor specific information. Please take into account that the minor period in Leiden does not necessarily overlap with the minor period at EUR. In Leiden, minor courses are either scheduled up to early (so-called blokminors) or can be scheduled throughout the academic year (so-called lintminors). If information about scheduling is not clearly included in the format, it is best to send a mail to the minor contact person to inquire about the type of schedule. 

Minors at TU Delft are almost always 30 EC. At TU Delft, 30 EC minors cannot be completed for 15 ECTS, with the exception of a few minors. If a minor can be completed for 15 EC, this is clearly indicated in the minor format. Please take into account that in Delft, the minor period continues well into January or early February.

The minor scope at Erasmus University Rotterdam is generally 15 EC. If you earn 15 EC extra, these EC will come on top of the 180 EC of your study program (extra curricular). To incorporate extra EC into your study program, you will need to have permission from your Exam Board.

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