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Don't wait 'till after graduation to make your first move on the job market. Good preparation is key, whether you pursue a meaningful international career or want to start your own business. You only need to invest time and energy, and it is fun too. Career Services offers a wide range of support to students and recent graduates. Do you need some help regarding your study or career choices? Do you have questions concerning working with a functional impairment? Or do you want to make sure you're CV will stand our of the crowd? Make an appointment with out Career Advisors or attend one of our workshops. 

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Career Services EUR

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The Erasmus University Career Advisors

  • Laura de Reus


    Ms. L. (Laura) de Reus
    Woudestein: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri

  • Dorianne van Schaijk

    Ms. T.A. (Dorianne) van Schaijk
    Woudestein: Tuesday

  • Johan Eekma, Loopbaanadviseur

    Dhr. J. (Johan) Eekma
    Woudestein: Mon, Wed, Thurs