Stress management group
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Stress management group

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress? Do you have trouble concentrating while studying or taking tests? Then the Stress Management Group might be the thing for you!

The stress management group is intended for students that experience high levels of stress during studying, test taking (test anxiety), or giving a talk; for students who think the work they have done is never good enough; for students who cannot bring themselves to start studying or feel too anxious to stop studying, or have trouble concentrating when they do study.

In this group, students learn and practice new skills, based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles, to challenge and change their perfectionistic thinking and maladaptive skills. Students will learn skills to manage anxiety provoking thoughts and managing difficult emotions that come up.

Participation in the thesis group is preceded by an intake interview, to see if participation is useful, or if other help is more appropriate.

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