Numerus fixus

It may occur that the number of applications for a study programme greatly exceeds the number of available places.

Degrees with numerus fixus are:

  • Criminology
  • Tax Law
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • International Bachelor Communication and Media
  • International Business Administration
  • Law

The enrollment is only possible with the submission of an admission statement (bewijs van toelating) issued by the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO).

Only those who fulfil the additional educational entry requirements may take part in the selection procedure. Anyone who has a Dutch vwo-diploma with an average final examination mark of 8 or higher is immediately granted admission.

The other places are allocated through selection by the institution itself (decentralised admission), or by the DUO (through weighted draw). An applicant may take part in this weighted draw for a study programme a maximum of three times.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam applies decentralised admission for Medicine.

5% of the study programme places are reserved by the DUO for those who have taken part in a draw elsewhere, and for whom it would be highly inconvenient if they were not admitted to the study programme of their first-choice university.

The Executive Board can refuse enrollment for a restricted intake study programme after the propedeutic phase (Medicine) and after the first year of the bachelor's degree programme for anyone who has not previously been enrolled for that programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Executive Board can refuse the enrollment if, in its opinion, the teaching capacity for that component of the study programme is insufficient.


International Business Administration, Medicine and International Bachelor Communication and Media select their own students. The criteria and procedure are laid down in the Teaching and Examination Regulation.