Registration for numerus fixus programmes

Registration for numerus fixus (limited admission) programmes

In case you have drawn a place by lot for a numerus fixus (limited admission) programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), you have to register via Studielink. Please note that you have to arrange your registration within 28 days after you’ve received your Confirmation of Admission from the IB-Groep.

Take the following steps:

  1. Go to Studielink and register for the programme that you’ve drawn a place for. Follow the instructions there.
  2. When you register for Medicine and Health Care only mention the EUR as you’re first preference and indicate no other preferences in Studielink.
  3. Studielink will ask you to print a IB-Groep registration form and to submit it. However, this is not applicable for you since you’re already known at the IB-Groep.
  4. Ignore possible messages in Studielink regarding the expiring of periods for registration and waiting lists.
  5. Print via Studielink the form Authorisation for Direct Debit Payment of Fees after receiving an email message with information on the amount of tuition fee that you have to pay. Sign this form and send it as soon as possible but anyway within 28 days to: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Department CAE, Freepost* 2791, 3000 VB Rotterdam
  6. Important: when you don’t pay in time, you will probably face problems with your entrance to exams and/or with obtaining study financing (IB-Groep).

* Freepost can only be used within the Netherlands, if you send mail from outside the Netherlands send it to: P.O. Box 1738

3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands