Checklist: application procedure

One year before leaving

  • Choose what you want to do (exchange/internship/summer school/volunteer work);
  • Check your faculty’s website (for possibilities, conditions, recognition of study points, etc);
  • Apply to the university (through your faculty) or company of your choice;
  • Arrange your finances (make a budget, apply for grants, etc);
  • Ensure you know the relevant language well enough (do you need to take a test?);
  • Ensure you have all the required visas and permits (check Nuffic’s or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ websites).

Three months before leaving

  • Apply to the university (if you have been nominated) or project abroad;
  • Arrange banking abroad (for some countries it may be handy to bring along a credit card);
  • Arrange housing (abroad and subletting your own room/flat/house);
  • Arrange transportation;
  • Conclude insurance;
  • Check whether your vaccinations are correct/up-to-date;
  • Appoint a representative;
  • Check the validity of your driving licence;
  • Check all DUO-related matters are in order;
  • Undertake background reading.