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  • ESE new website

    Application letter and CV


    What is a good application letter? What does a good CV look like? How can I prepare for a job interview? How do I create a network?

  • M&C Alumni Career Advice

    Job Marketing


    80% of all the vacancies is not published. These vacancies exists, but they’re hidden. In this informative workshop you will get insight in the hidden job market and how to get access to it.

  • Survival Kit for Internationals starting a job


    Are you a little overwhelmed by all the legal requirements you are confronted with as an international starting a job the Netherlands? No idea what to expect on your first day at work?

  • M&C Alumni Network

    Network for Work


    What is networking and how can I use it to get closer to the job I want? How to approach recruiters, employers or companies effectively?

  • Study switch

    Study Switch


    Not sure about the bachelor’s or master’s you’ve chosen? Attend this study choice workshop and make an informed choice!

  • LinkedIn logo



    Did you know that an increasing number of companies first use LinkedIn to recruit new employees, before they actually post their vacancy? Do you want to learn how to present yourself on Linkedin?

  • 6 Interview answers that will get you the Job of Your Dreams

    Job Interview


    How do I present myself successfully in a job interview? How is a job interview conducted in the Netherlands and what’s important to Dutch interviewers?