Current developments
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Current developments

Studying with a functional impairment

In the context of the outcomes of last year’s (2017) National Student Survey (NSS), Erasmus University is working to improve services for students with an impairment. The UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, which was recently ratified by the Dutch government, offers new guidelines and insights that enable Erasmus University to make advancements regarding studying with an impairment.

Various SMF projects are highlighted below. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to


The software programme Kurzweil was replaced in 2017 with a new programme; TextAid by Readspeaker. TextAid is a programme developed especially for people with dyslexia. The principle is the same as Kurzweil, only TextAid works via the Readspeaker Cloud, which has various advantages. It offers you support in studying and/or working, by reading your texts for you and marking the texts you have read. Click here for a short introductory video. In some cases, students with dyslexia may be permitted to use TextAid during examinations. Contact the study advisor of your study programme for more information about this.

Using TextAid for home study

Using the Cloud means that a TextAid account can also be created for home study. This makes it easy to use TextAid to read long texts at home. If you would like a personal account for home study, please send an email to

Range of courses and support

The student support team offers various courses and training sessions to make it easier for students with an impairment to study. We are currently looking to expand what we offer, for instance, with a course focusing on studying while coping with autism or the introduction of a buddy system.


This academic year, the student platform, GathEURing, is actively searching for students with an impairment who would like to help us improve services for students with an impairment. If you would like to take part, please register by sending an email with a brief personal statement to