Are you running into (extra) problems due to the COVID-19 measurements?

As a student, are you worried about moving around the campus or about travelling to and from campus because you have a functional impairment?
Perhaps you have a reduced mobility or a weakened immune system? When you need to travel to and from campus, we can imagine that this raises questions or concerns. 

COVID-19 measurements and physical accessibility 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 measurements are affecting the physical accessibility of our campus. If these measurements are affecting you, perhaps these options can help you: 

Students for whom the walking routes and other instructions (including the restrictions on the use of the lifts) are not possible or not optimal, may deviate from these routes and instructions. To ensure that this does not lead to confusion among the guards or other employees, there is a “Free access to all routes” card. This way, the guards can immediately see that you are authorized to take a different route, and other building users can also take this into account (e.g. if you have to walk against the route or use an elevator).
Please find the application form here. (Currently only available in Dutch)

If you encounter an acute problem with regard to accessibility (for example, not being able to open a door and there is no one around to help) please do not hesitate to contact the Security team on 010-4081035. A security employee can come and help you.

We know that for some, due to COVID-19, travelling by public transport is not desirable. If this applies to you, and you would like to travel to campus by car, you may qualify for a temporary parking license. This allows you to park at the employee rate. The student counselor must approve the application.
You can find the application form here. (Currently only available in Dutch)

Are you hindered by the fact that university employees wear non-transparent facemasks because of your hearing impairment?
Transparent facemasks have been made available for stewards.
If they are not wearing it, they will have it on them (continuous wearing is unfortunately not an option). If you encounter a steward without a transparent facemask, ask him / her to swap facemasks (possibly through signs).
Is an non-transparent facemask worn by a teacher during class? Discuss this with the study advisor of your study / faculty.

Please know that EUR is doing its best to arrange everything according to the COVID-19 instructions. However, if you run into something that is hindering you, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will contact the parties involved and will try to come up with a solution as soon as we can. (For example, accessibility of the campus or teaching methods that no longer satisfy)

You can reach us via

Please contact the study advisor of your faculty when you are experiencing problems that are study related.  

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