Application letter & CV

Workshop Application letter & CV

This workshop will give you practical tips to write an excellent application letter and CV!

The workshop is about  how to apply for a job. You have to "sell" yourself, but how do you do that? In this workshop you'll get a close look at that. For example your CV is not just a list of all your activities, work history and education. You should consider it a marketing instrument that has to sell you. So how you can transform your list of activities to a sales document is what you'll learn in this workshop. For non-Dutch speaking students: the Europass CV is for this reason not a suitable CV for the Dutch (labour) market.

The following subjects will be addressed:                                                                                  

• The theory how to apply for a job
• Sample CV
• Job analysis: a structure that helps you to analyse a vacancy
• Structure of an application letter                    
• Good and poor examples of motivation and sales pitches from application

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