Thesis group

For students that are writing their thesis, but find it difficult to motivate themselves, there is a thesis group. The group is primarily Dutch spoken, but is also open to English speaking students. This group consists of a maximum of 10 participants and meets weekly to set goals for the upcoming week. During the week you have contact with a fellow group member by telephone to discuss your progress. During the next group meeting, you discuss whether you have achieved your goals, you check the work of your fellow group members and you set new goals for the upcoming week.

To join the thesis group you are required to have an approved thesis proposal. You can participate for a period no longer than one calendar year. The group is not intended for help with the content of your thesis.
The group is open to all Erasmus University students, has weekly meetings, and is supervised by a psychologist. Participation is free, but you are required to attend all meetings.


An introduction workshop thesis group will be held at Monday February 3 from 15.00 - 16.15 hrs. Subscription will be possible from January 20.
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