A well-known Dutch bank where you can open a bank account, is the ABN AMRO bank. Opening a bank account is pretty easy: you can visit ABN AMRO during the One Stop Shops or go by their office.

(Opening a bank account at the One Stop Shop is not applicable to International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) students. You’ll be informed by ISS staff on this matter.)

ABN AMRO at the One Stop Shop

ABN AMRO bank will be present at the One Stop Shop. If you stop by the One Stop Shop you can submit the application form for opening an account on the spot. You will receive further information and instructions on the documents you need to bring about a couple of days in advance. Please note that in order to activate the account you will have to visit the ABN AMRO office afterwards.

Students who did not attend the One Stop Shop can visit the ABN AMRO office at Coolsingel 93 for opening an account. You are strongly advised to visit the bank office early in the morning in order to avoid rush hours. If you visit the bank during busy hours, it is possible the bank staff are unable to open an account for you right away, and they will schedule an appointment with you instead.

ABN AMRO bank charges a fee for using the account and the bank card. The website and internet banking are available in English. 

Open an ABN AMRO bank account

 To open a bank account, make sure you bring the following documents:

  • Valid passport or ID;
  • Proof of residence for verification of your Dutch address, e.g. your rental contract;
  • BSN-number (if available).

Students under 18

IMPORTANT: if you do not yet have your BSN-number when you open the account, you need to provide ABN AMRO bank with your BSN-number within 6 weeks. If you fail to do so, your bank account will be blocked!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can! Nevertherless, there are some requirements and guidelines applicable in this situation.
    For further instructions, please contact us via: internationaloffice@eur.nl.  

  • Overall there are no huge differences between the 5 mentioned banks. Nevertheless, the banks do differ in some ways. Some examples:

    • ABN AMRO provides all communication in English, in contrary to the other banks; 
    • On the other hand, ING Bank is able to provide you with a temporary card way faster;
    • Triodos bank is focusing more on sustainability and less on profit; 
    • Bunq Bank offers different options. If you choose a free account you don't get a bank card and you can only arrange your financial matters (e.g. transfers for rent, internet-shopping) online. With a premium account you also get a bank card. The free account can be very interesting for international students because it allows you to use your own home-card for ATM and paying in stores and the online Bunq account for Dutch mandatory stuff.

    As you can see: each bank has its own pros and cons. So what to choose then? Pick a bank either close to your accommodation (so it's easier to visit the bank during office hours) or choose a bank where registration is made quite easy, like registering on campus during the One Stop Shop.