Another bank that welcomes international students is ING bank. Their banking app is available in English, but the website and internet banking are only available in Dutch. You must be 18 years old to open an account at this bank.

Open an ING bank account

To open an account you must make sure you bring the following documents to the bank shop:

  • Valid passport or other form of identification;
  • Proof of enrolment from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR);
  • Proof of residence, demonstrating your address in Netherlands (e.g. rental contract);
  • Dutch phone number (required for internet banking);
  • If already available: proof of registration at the municipality (BSN-number);
  • Tin (Tax identification number from the home country).

If you bring all required documentation, including your BSN-number, the account is activated immediately, and you immediately receive an active bank card. If you do not have a BSN-number yet, your bank card will be sent to your address within a week after which you can activate the account. More information can be found at the ING bank website (only in Dutch). Find more information about the locations of the ING bank (only in Dutch).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can! Nevertheless, there are some requirements and guidelines applicable in this situation.
    For further instructions, please contact us via:  

  • Overall there are no huge differences between the 5 mentioned banks. Nevertheless, the banks do differ in some ways. Some examples:

    • ABN AMRO provides all communication in English, in contrary to the other banks; 
    • On the other hand, ING Bank is able to provide you with a temporary card way faster;
    • Triodos bank is focusing more on sustainability and less on profit; 
    • With Bunq’s Premium membership you get a choice of 3 cards (Maestro and/or Mastercard). The app is available in Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish and English. And real-time support is available in English. Since the last update Bunq added products especially for internationals: TransferWise in the app: 8 times cheaper international payments. Or ZeroFX: save up to 3% when using your card for other currencies. 

    As you can see: each bank has its own pros and cons. So what to choose then? Pick a bank either close to your accommodation (so it's easier to visit the bank during office hours) or choose a bank where registration is made quite easy, like registering on campus during the One Stop Shop.