Interim tuition fee changes

When you receive word from Studielink that your registration is complete and that you should pay a certain tuition fee for your registration, while based on newer information Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) finds out you should pay a different type of tuition fee tariff at a later time, EUR can make interim changes to the tuition fee you're required to pay for your registration.
Usually, such an interim change stems from a delay in the processing time of newly achieved diploma's (in Studielink). This process should take up to six weeks to complete, but it can take longer. Thus, it can take six weeks or longer before EUR notices any changes in your certification, and make the interim changes in your tuition fee tariff that reflect this new information. Once such a change is made, you'll be notified via Studielink.

Example of an interim change (tariff increase):
EUR can increase the tuition fee you must pay for your registration when you're about to achieve a bachelor's degree at the time you register for a bachelor programme at EUR, but are already admissible based on another diploma you achieved previously. EUR can then admit you based on the previously achieved diploma. Yet once EUR receives new information on the bachelor programme you recently completed and it becomes clear you in fact registered for a second bachelor programme, the tuition fee you're required to pay is changed from the legal tuition fee tariff into the institutional fee tariff. You will then receive a message concerning this change via Studielink.