Refund of tuition fees

Refund of tuition fees

If you disenrol from EUR during the academic year, you are entitled to a refund of the excess amount of tuition fees paid. Only the excess amount of tuition fees collected are eligible for refund. The tuitions fees for the months you were enrolled will not be refunded.

Example calculation

A student disenrols in December after graduating in that same month. In September, the tuition fees for the entire year (e.g. €1800) were debited from the student’s account. Given the circumstances, the student can disenrol as of 1 January. This means the student will have been enrolled from September up to and including December (four months), over which period tuition fees will have to be paid. The remaining amount is eligible for refund. Whole months and the fraction 1/12 are used when recalculating tuition fees. The full amount (€1800) is divided by 12. The result (€150) is multiplied by the number of months the student will be disenrolled in the academic year in question (e.g. 8). The student will receive a refund of €1200. (1800 / 12 = 150, then 150 * 8 = 1200)

After disenrolment

After you have been disenrolled, the enrolment period indicated in Studielink will change. EUR applies a processing time of 4 to 10 weeks for the refund of any excess tuition fees paid. The processing time depends on the reversal deadline used by the bank for SEPA direct debits.

Note: there will never be refunds in the case of deregistrations as of 1 July  or 1 August.


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