Bicycle lessons

Getting around town by bike is the cheapest, healthiest, greenest and most Dutch means of transport. However, to most internationals cycling is far from second nature. International Office EUR offers crash-courses cycling to introduce you to the basic cycling techniques and traffic rules. An experienced teacher guides you through the do’s and don’ts of cycling during a 1 hour group lesson. The aim is to make you ride away into Rotterdam all by yourself. 


For the lesson, you do not have to bring your own bike. We will use special tutorial bikes during the courses. To prepare for your crash-course participation, you are only requested to read a guidebook prior your lesson. The literature provides visually supported information on traffic rules in Dutch, English and Arabic. You receive the guidebook together with the confirmation of your registration.

Set-up of the lesson

You will gather at Zwaan Bikes Campus where tutorial bikes will be standing. An instructor from the Dutch Cyclists' Union provides a small group of 10 students an intensive training of 1 hour. Afterwards, you will return the bikes to Zwaan Bikes for the following group. Make sure you attend at the timeslot that was communicated in the confirmation email.  Curious to see how you will be riding away soon? Watch this video to get an idea of what a cycling lesson looks like.

Bicycle lessons Dates and Timeslots:

  • 27 August 2020 gathering @ HT-46 (Polak-building, Zwaan Bikes)

Absolute beginners:




Some experience:




In need of refreshment:



There is small fee for participation, and spots are limited. You can register from the 26th of June onwards using the webforms on that will then be made available.

Note: As we want to make sure the class suits your needs, we create different timeslots depending on your level of experience. Fill out the registration form for the class that suits your experience level (absolute beginner, some experience, refreshment class)