Official Welcome

Every semester new international students are cordially invited to attend the Official Welcome. The Official Welcome consists of two parts:

  1. Official part: During this ceremony, speeches will be held by Rector Magnificus prof. dr. Rutger Engels and the president of ESN-Rotterdam. Next to the official program items, comedian Adam Fields will share his experiences as a British expat in ‘ons kikkerlandje’.  
  2. Celebrations: After the ceremony, you are invited to join us and celebrate the start of your semester abroad with a toast, bite and music in the Erasmus Sport’s Café (free consumptions, end time 20.00). If you wish to continue the party, be invited to raise your glass during the ESN Tuesday event @ Beurs afterwards.

This year's ceremony will take place on 7th of January at 15.30 hrs (doors are open from 15.00 hrs) in the Theatre of the Erasmus Pavilion.  

The Official Welcome Ceremony is usually happily received by our internationals, and we hope to see you there! Register through the form below on this page.

Check out last year's ceremony!

Official Welcome Ceremony January 2017


Want to know what to expect at the Official Welcome? View the Official Welcome photos from January 2018 on Facebook and see a preview below!


If you have any questions about the Official Welcome, you can send an email to