One Stop Shop

Would you like to take care of practical matters before classes start? Such as registering at the City Hall? Then you are in luck! Every year, One Stop Shops* are organised where you will be able to take care of this. 

(*not applicable to ISS students. You’ll be informed by ISS staff on this matter.)

Organisations at the One Stop Shop

The following organisations have been present at One Stop Shops in the past. We will confirm which ones are present at the following One Stop Shop as soon as the new dates are known.

  • City Hall Rotterdam
  • AON Insurance
  • Bunq
  • ESN-Rotterdam
  • Housing Anywhere
  • Swapbike
  • StayOkay

Required documents

For some of the things you can arrange at the One Stop Shop, you'll need personal documents. Please check which documents are required to bring along with you to the One Stop Shop.


If you have any questions about the One Stop Shop, you can send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You only have to make use of our application form if you're planning to register at the City Hall or open a bank account at ABN AMRO.

    You are free to visit the other organisations without registration.

  • You are obliged to register at the City Hall if you're staying in the Netherlands for more than 4 months.

    In case you're staying in the Netherlands for just a few months (max 4 months), you need a short-stay registration. Please note: you cannot arrange short stay registration at the One Stop Shop. Contact the City Hall to make an appointment with them at the town hall.

  • Make sure to check the overview of required One Stop Shop documents.
    Note: some of these documents need to be collected while you're still at home.

  • A BSN number will be issued to you, after you successfully registered at the City Hall. If you visit the One Stop Shop in order to arrange City Hall registration, you'll receive the BSN number within a few weeks.

  • After registration, you will receive a letter from City Hall with your BSN-number within four weeks. This letter will be sent to your Dutch address by postal mail. After registration, you must also change your postal address in Studielink. 

    Still haven't heard anything after 1,5 months of waiting? Contact the City Hall to get yourself informed about the status of your registration.

  • Yes, it is required to demonstrate a birth certificate for City Hall registration. We know that it can be a struggle to obtain the right documents from the town hall or consulate and therefore strongly recommend you to request the documents in time. That way, you are able to collect them all before leaving for the Netherlands.
  • If you are allowed to travel to the Netherlands without the entry sticker in your passport and your Dutch residence permit cannot be picked up yet, we will print the IND approval letter for you in advance and hand it to you at the registration desk of the One Stop Shop.

  • Don't worry. Together with the ABN AMRO we made it possible for you to open a bank account at the One Stop Shop, even though the BSN isn't available yet. The BSN number is required to finalize the registration of your bank account, but the ABN AMRO bank gives you the opportunity the send them your BSN number later on in the procedure.

    Note: if you have a TIN number, the BSN number is not required for opening a bank account.

    What the procedure is like:

    At the One Stop Shop:

    1. Register at the City Hall at the One Stop Shop. The City Hall will send you your BSN number within 4 weeks;
    2. Request an ABN AMRO bank account at the One Stop Shop;

      After the One Stop Shop:
    3. Send ABN AMRO your BSN number as soon as you receive it and before the deadline set by the ABN AMRO;
    4. Visit the ABN AMRO office at the Coolsingel in Rotterdam in order to sign and finalise your bank account. You will receive an invitation from ABN AMRO in order to do so. It is required that you arrange this in person.