Airport welcome services

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) organizes free of charge welcome services at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam at the beginning of every semester. We have our own meeting point at the airport, where you'll be welcomed and informed about getting to Rotterdam. This year, our airport service desk is opened from 09.00-20.30 on:

  • 3 January 2020
  • 4 January 2020

What do we offer? We hand out a limited amount of free-voucher travel packages with public transport. Note that we only have a limited amount travel packages available and you can only apply for these vouchers for the 3 and 4 of January. Travelling a different date and/or arriving at Rotterdam/the Hague Airport, check out our suggestions on how to get ‘home’.

  • Travel green, efficient and independent to your new home. At the airport stand, our crew will provide you with free tickets to take the train to-, and city transport in Rotterdam after arrival. Make sure you fill out your housing address when you sign up for this option, so we can include a customized travel plan in you transport package. Renting @ SSH, Xior or Fizz Cobana? Please get in touch with these partners to make sure you will receive a key upon arrival.

    When you sign up for this service, you make a reservation for 09.00. This time indicates the first moment our crew will hand out travel voucher at our service desk.  Yet: you can collect your order at any given time between 09.00-20.30; a free public transport package is valid all day long!

    Note: Would you like to travel together to Rotterdam? Let us know by ticking the joined journey box and select your preferred departure time-slot. Each morning (09.30), afternoon (14:30), and evening (20.30) our crewmembers are available to join you on the train-trip to Rotterdam. Meet us at the airport stand for joined take-off!

  • If you rent @ SSH, Xior or Fizz Cobana:

    • Please mention the full address of your housing in the sign-up form for either the public transport or bus service;

    • Get in touch with the Residence Assistance (RA) of our partners via email to confirm your date and expected time of arrival. Use the contact details provided by SSH, Xior or Fizz to get in touch with your RA. ONLY if you inform your RA timely, he/she can welcome you at your new home to hand over your key!
  • We facilitate the airport welcome service for you, EUR students, specifically. Students therefore have priority over accompanying family and friends in regard to receive free travel packages or claiming a seat on the bus.

    We are not able to issue tickets or seats to relatives/friends through online registration or email. Does your parent or friend still want to accompany you? Then let our airport-crew inform you about the current availability of packages and seats as soon as you arrive at Schiphol Airport.

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