Refugees at Erasmus University Rotterdam

If you are a refugee who wants to apply for a study programme at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), you might face some issues. We are here to offer support before and during your studies.

Let's explain the Dutch educational system first. Nuffic has created a handy tool to help you understand. Any questions after checking out this tool? Feel free to reach out!

Admission to a programme

Each study programme has its own specific admission requirements, including prior qualifications and language prerequisites.

The admission requirements for recognised refugees with foreign pre-qualifications are the same as those for all international degree students. The EUR does not have a special admission process or criteria for students with refugee status because individual situations can vary widely. Your application will therefore be assessed on an individual basis.  

Admission to a bachelor programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam is dealt with by the central International Office. The main principles for admission to a bachelor programme are:

  • You hold a foreign secondary school diploma that is equivalent to a Dutch university preparatory diploma. If you do not have a diploma, you can take the 21+ Entrance Examination.
  • You master the Dutch and/or English language at an adequate level. You can take the 'Dutch as a Second Language Exam' (NT2 state exam Programme II) or the English test required by the programme of your choice.

Admission to a master programme is dealt with by the faculty offering the programme.

Take a look at our bachelor and master programmes:

Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF)

Once you start Dutch language level B1 in the civic programme, you can apply to the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) for funding. Since 1948 the UAF supports and counsels highly skilled refugees in the Netherlands. It may take a couple months to process an application.

Dutch language courses

If you wish to learn Dutch fast and effectively, you can take courses at our Language & Training Centre (LTC). The courses specifically prepare you for the 'Dutch as a Second Language Exam', also known as the NT2 State Exam. By passing this exam, you will meet the requirements of the Dutch integration law and will be admissible to Dutch higher education.  For further details on language courses, please check the Language & Training Centre.

Preparatory year: Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus (VJE)

Once you have reached level B1 in Dutch, you may apply for the preparatory year ‘Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus’ for non-native speakers. You will only be admitted if you have followed a programme that grants you admission to higher education in your own country or have a certificate that is at least the equivalent of a Dutch university preparatory diploma. The preparatory year is a bridging programme to prepare you for a degree programme at the EUR or somewhere else. The preparatory year comprises a package of compulsory subjects for everyone, and includes Dutch, English, history, mathematics, ‘Knowledge of the Dutch community’ (KNM) and ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ (ONA). The preparatory programme includes group assignments, giving presentations and writing reports. For more information about our preparatory year, please email us or fill in our contact form