Refugees at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Do you have refugee status and would you like to study at the Erasmus University? We are here to support you in registering for a preparatory year in higher education, a bachelor degree or a pre-master or master degree. You can obtain more information about the Dutch education system from Nuffic. They have developed a handy tool for this. If you still have questions after viewing this website, please contact us via our form.

Dutch language course

For admission to a university, you usually need to have completed State exam II (NT2-II). If you wish to learn the Dutch language quickly and efficiently, you can follow a course at the Language & Training CentreIf you pass NT2-II, you meet the requirements for the Dutch integration act and you can be admissible to Dutch higher education. For further information about NT2-II and how you can prepare for this, please visit the site of College voor Toetsen en Examens. If you already have a good basic knowledge of Dutch and wish to follow other subjects as well as a CEFR-B2 Dutch course, our higher education preparatory programme Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus may be something for you.

Foundation for Refugee Students UAF

If you are planning to follow a higher education study and you are following a Dutch language course at level CEFR-B1 or higher, you can register at the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. As well as supporting refugees during the preparation for a study, selecting the study and during the study itself, UAF also offers financial support for a higher education preparatory year. It can take several months before your application is processed.

Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus

Our preparatory year Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus has been developed to offer students with refugee status the best possible preparation for a higher education study. The State exam II and remaining sections of the civic integration exams are completed during this transition course. There is also a strong focus on English, history, mathematics and the computer and study skills that are specifically required for higher education. Click here for more information about our preparatory year or if you wish to contact team Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus.

Applying for a bachelor or master degree

Each study programme has specific application requirements, including prior education requirements. The general condition for admission to a bachelor programme is that you have a Dutch university preparatory education diploma or an equivalent foreign diploma. You also need to have sufficient command of the Dutch and/or English language in order to be able to follow the lectures. If you do not have the required prior education, you may be admitted via an entrance examination Colloquium Doctum (21+ test). Admission to a master programme is processed by the faculty of the master degree of your choice.

More information

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to register for our preparatory year, please contact us via our form.

School system in the Netherlands

School system in the Netherlands