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This page offers an overview of cultural outings and partnerships as well as the latest news about the Erasmus Preparatory Year.

Extended collaboration Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF

The collaboration with the Foundation for Refugee Students (Stichting Vluchteling-Studenten UAF) has been extended. This means that more refugees can study at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Student Hafsa (21 years old and status holder) is studying medicine at EUR thanks to the program. Four and a half years ago she fled from Turkey in her exam year because it was no longer safe for her and her family. She applied for asylum in the Netherlands for political protection. Click here for the whole story!

Career Services (2020-2021)

Good preparation is key in pursuing a meaningful career. Career Services EUR is happy to provide you coaching, training, information and advice, whether you are preparing for the labour market or planning your study career. Watch the clip for an overview of their services and visit their website for additional information or registration!


Career Services EUR

Prinsenhof Museum (6 September 2019)

Photo gallery of visit to Museum Prinsenhof Delft on 6 september 2019.

World Refugee Day (20 June 2019)

June 20th marks World Refugee Day. On the occasion of this memorable day, we spoke with Shabnam Akbari, a student with refugee status who is connected to EUR. Shabnam is 24 years old and is about to complete the Erasmus Preparatory Year, a year to prepare students who are refugees for a study in higher education in the Netherlands. Read the article.

ESHCC designs ‘New Media for Integration’ (29 January 2019)

Given the increasingly important role of digital technologies and communications in the lives of refugees experiencing integration in various spheres of their host societies, including (but not limited to) employment, social connections, education and academic life, cultural and language learning, etc., the proposal to design and implement the course “New Media for Integration” has been greatly welcomed by Kevin van der Poel (project leader of the preparatory year course) as well as the University board, Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF and the municipality of Rotterdam. Read more about it in dr. Amanda Paz Alencar’s blog.

VJE receives Top Support Award (17 December 2018)

Executive Board member Roelien Ritsema van Eck presented the Top Support Awards to employees who excel in providing outstanding support to research and education at Erasmus University. The individual award went to Kevin van der Poel, Project Manager of ‘Erasmus Preparatory Year’ (Language & Training Centre). Read more about this special award.

500th Mentoring couple UAF (7 December 2018)

Recently the 500th mentoring couple of Foundation for Refugee Students UAF (Shabnam and Senem) was celebrated. Shabnam participates in our Preparatory Year Erasmus! Read more about the UAF mentoring program.

Mauritshuis (12 September 2018)

Photo gallery of visit to Mauritshuis on 12 September 2018.
Please read the complete report for additional information.

Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (7 September 2018)

Photo gallery of visit to Wereldmuseum Rotterdam on  7 September 2018.

Rotterdam refugee intake day (9 May 2018)

This year, more than 200 asylum residence permit holders registered for ‘Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus’. Please read our news item for additional information.

Partner agreement with the foundation for refugee students (UAF) (6 april 2018)

The partner agreement between EUR and UAF was signed on 6 april 2018. Please read the complete report for additional information.

Photography: Arie Kers, Danilo Mijdam and Soraya Ebrahimi (2019)

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