Erasmus Preparatory Year

The preparatory year was developed by Language & Training Centre (EUR). It is intended to prepare refugee students as effectively as possible for attendance of a higher education degree programme. The primary focus is on Dutch language proficiency. The State exam II and remaining sections of the civic integration exams are completed during the course. The preparatory year also pays considerable attention to English language proficiency, mathematics and specific computer and study skills required for attending degree programmes in higher education. A preparatory programme for higher education does more than simply prepare the participant for the admission exam of a university of applied sciences or research university. It helps you to acquire the essential skills for good academic results in Dutch higher education. The programme is rounded off in April with the admission exams for Dutch, English and mathematics (Colloquium Doctum). Successfully completing these subjects makes you directly eligible for admission to a number of degree programmes offered at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Specialisation programme

Depending on your choice of study, you are free to enrol in the subjects Biology, Physics and Chemistry after rounding off the preparatory year. This extension is always decided on in consultation with the Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF. Based on, among other things, your results and motivation during the preparatory year, UAF decides whether you are eligible for funding support that allows you to participate in a specialisation programme. Over the course of the summer, you can start on Biology, Physics and Chemistry or one of these subjects. On average, these summer courses last six weeks per subject.

Why not offer all subjects in a single year?

In the period 2005-2015, over 1,500 refugees started on a higher education preparatory programme. Of this group of participants, only 61% (Dutch) went on to enrol in a degree programme after attending a transfer programme. In other words, due to the intensity of the previous study programme, many participants had difficulty achieving their desired objective. That is why educational institutions in the region that offer refugee students a preparatory programme for higher education decided to reserve more time for the ‘base’ subjects Dutch, English and mathematics.



You can be admitted to Voorbereidend Jaar Erasmus 2018-2019 if you have a valid residence permit and have command of both Dutch and English at level CEFR-B1. If you cannot demonstrate that you have command of Dutch and English at level CEFR-B1, you will need to take an intake test. It is also important that you have followed a higher education study programme or a higher education preparatory programme in your home country. 

Diploma evaluation

If you are uncertain as to whether your prior education is sufficient for admission to our preparatory year, as someone with refugee status, you can easily request a study programme or diploma evaluation. The evaluation of your diploma provides you with information about your study programme level and specialism. This information can help you make the right study choice. A diploma evaluation is only a recommendation. It is not a legally valid document. A translation of your diploma is required if you do not supply the documents in Dutch, German, English, French or Afrikaans.


If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to register for our preparatory year, please contact us via our form.

  • Blik op werk - Keurmerk (inburgeren)

    Blik op Werk-certification

    The EUR Language & Training Centre has been a ‘Blik op Werk’-certified provider of civic integration courses since 2016. The quality standard ‘Blik op Werk’ offers assurance of a high-quality and reliable service. DUO only awards an allowance if you follow a language course at an institute that is accredited with this quality standard.

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    Risbo is an independent institution for research, training and advice, linked to the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB). The Education Research, Advice & Training department of Risbo supports institutions and faculties in developing and updating (online) education, professionalising teachers, developing and executing quality control (policy) and conducting educational research. In addition, Risbo provides a Study skills-program for the participants of Preparatory Year Erasmus.

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    Preparatory Year Erasmus 2018-2019 is made possible in part by a financial contribution of Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds.