Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an initiative of the Dutch institutions. It sets out standards for Dutch higher education institutions in their dealings with international students.

By signing the Code of Conduct, Erasmus University Rotterdam once more confirmed the guarantee of the quality of its programmes, student recruitment, and selection and counseling procedures.

Reliable information

The Code of Conduct requires educational institutions to provide timely, reliable and easily accessible information to international students about their study programmes. Specifically, this includes important rules and procedures for international students as well as information such as:

  • accreditation status
  • quality
  • admission requirements

In English

The information provided by the educational institutions to international students on the basis of the Code of Conduct must be in English, in the language used for the study programme, or in the native language of the international student.


The educational institution must specify clearly what services they offer and what the associated costs are:

  • help with obtaining a visa and a residence permit
  • housing
  • introduction sessions
  • student counseling

Further information