Research at EUR

There is an increasing demand world wide for knowledge workers with academic and professional competences. EUR provides talented students the possibility to pursue a career in research with our PhD programmes and paid research positions.

Intensive support for PhD programmes and inclusion of tenure tracks (individual agreements about career development) allow talented students to work towards a flourishing academic career. In 2007, more than 250 PhD students defended their dissertations and that number grows each year.

Scientific research at EUR has traditionally been grounded in a strong focus on society, drawing on the city and its surroundings as sources of inspiration. Research relevant to society is increasingly conducted in multidisciplinary teams, geared to such themes as:

  • Economics and Health
  • Social Innovation
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Corporate Engagement
  • Early Modern Studies
  • Sustainability

For an overview of paid research positions please see: